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Settsu-kyo is located directly
between Osaka and Kyoto.

By train and bus

There are two entrances to Settsu-kyo Park, one on the north side and one on the south side.
You can access to both side by train and city bus.

City Bus

JR Takatsuki Station North, Bay 2
South entrance of Settsu-kyo

Sakura Square (Sakura Hiroba) and Miyoshi-no-sato Barbecue Garden are located near the south entrance of Settsu-kyo. For the route from the bus stop to Settsu-kyo Park, please check the map below.
  • Take bus Tsukawaki (塚脇)
    Get off at Tsukawaki (塚脇)

    *It takes 15 minutes from JR Takatsuki Station to Tsukawaki bus stop,
    and 10 minutes walk to Settsu-kyo.

  • Take bus Shimonokuchi (下の口)
    Get off at Shimonokuchi (下の口)

    *Please be aware that this bus only runs on weekday mornings (2 buses per day).

JR Takatsuki Station North, Bay 1
North entrance of Settsu-kyo

The north entrance tends to be used by visitors who wish to hike from north to south. It takes 20 minutes from JR Takatsuki station to the bus stop Kaminokuchi, and 10 minutes walk to Settsu-kyo park. For the route from the bus stop to Settsu-kyo Park, please check the map below.
  • Take bus Kaminokuchi (上の口)
    Get off at Kaminokuchi (上の口)
  • Take bus Hara-ohcashi (原大橋)
    Get off at Kaminokuchi (上の口)

By car

There is parking lot in Settsu-kyo Park.
*If you are using a satnav, please type in the co-ordinates 072-687-9449.
From National Route 171,
[Imashiro-cho] intersection
Turn left if coming from the east (from Kyoto), turn right if coming from the west (from Osaka City) at the Imashiro-cho [今城町] intersection on National Route 171, then follow the road along until Settsu-kyo Shimonokuchi parking.
From Shin-meishin Expressway
[Takatsuki I.C.]
Exit the Shin-meishin expressway Takatsuki I.C.-mae [高槻I.C]. Straight through at the Takatsuki I.C.-mae intersection. Turn right at the intersection in front of GEO shop, and then left at the Takatsuki Hattori [高槻服部] intersection.

Parking Information

Settsu-kyo Shimonokuchi Parking

Shimonokuchi Parking lot is the closest parking for Sakura Square (Sakura Hiroba) and Miyoshi-no-Sato Barbeque Garden.
Opening hours
9:00AM - 5:00PM
*Closed in winter (mid-December to mid-March).
*Special opening during the firefly season (late May to late June): 5:00PM - 9:00PM
Regular car: 1000 yen
Large motorcycle: 1000 yen
*Firefly season (5:00PM – 9:00PM): 500 yen
*Mini bus: 2000 yen, Medium-sized bus, large bus: 3000 yen (advance reservation required)
160 regular spaces
Takatsuki City Tourist Association
TEL.+81 72 6750081

Settsu-kyo Kaminokuchi Parking

There is also a small parking lot on the north side of Settsu-kyo. If you are using a satnav, please type in the co-ordinates 072-688-0224.
Opening hours
8:00AM - 5:00PM
*Open 7 days a week (Closed January 1 and 2)
Regular car: 1,000 yen
30 regular spaces only
Akutagawa Fishery Association
TEL.+81 72-688-0224
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